American Horror Story: Apocalypse: Every Crossover in Season 8 (So Far)

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

You’ve waited nearly seven years, American Horror Story fans, and your patience is finally about to pay off. Wednesday’s episode of Apocalypse (FX, 10/9c) takes you back to “where it all began,” the infamous Murder House we knew and loved (and feared) in Season 1.

Of course, this return to Ben and Vivien Harmon’s haunted home is merely one of several connections being made to previous seasons. Though series creator Ryan Murphy openly promoted Apocalypse‘s crossovers with Murder House and Coven prior to the premiere, we’ve seen connections to no less than four AHS installments as this season has progressed — some more subtle than others.

And given the secretive nature of this long-running series — not to mention Leslie Grossman’s recent tease that “when you think it’s going to go one way, it goes another” — it’s entirely possible that we’ll see even more crossovers on Apocalypse. (Here’s one of my hunches: Given Dinah Stevens’ status as a prolific talk show host, she must have once crossed paths with Lana Winters, whose arrival would automatically connect the season with Asylum, Roanoke and Cult.)

Browse our gallery of American Horror Story crossovers — you can click here for direct access — to see how Apocalypse connects with Murder House, Coven, Hotel… and more?

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