Murphy Brown Recap: Murphy Comes to Grips With Her Own #MeToo Moment

Murphy Brown Episode 3 Murphy Phyllis

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Murphy Brown tackled the #MeToo movement this week, as Murphy was rocked by a painful memory from her distant past.

Murphy Brown Episode 3 Sexual HarassmentMurphy’s TV show has to complete a mandatory sexual harassment seminar, which everyone groans about — except Pat, who’s excited to participate. (“Today, I am a man!”) Murphy blows off the dire warnings from the seminar’s leader — “The show’s called Murphy in the Morning! They’re not firing me!” — until the guy reminds her about Matt Lauer… and Charlie Rose… and Bill O’Reilly. But even when Corky remembers the many, many times she was harassed, Murphy insists she was never victimized like that: “What guy would be stupid enough to try something with me?”

It turns out, though, there was a guy who was stupid enough. At home with Avery, Murphy admits she had a professor in college who took a liking to her. After she won a prestigious college journalism award, he invited her back to his place to celebrate: “I assumed there would be other people. There weren’t.” She’ll only say that “something happened,” and she’s left that memory buried deep in a mental drawer ever since. But after a confessional chat with bartender Phyllis, she realizes she still has unresolved feelings about that encounter — and decides to resolve them.

So she tracks down her old professor — played by veteran character actor Harris Yulin (Ozark, 24) — to see if he remembers the night like she does. He still has her college award on display… and he’s taken another cute young “assistant” under his wing. (Murphy hands her a business card, in case she wants a less degrading career path.) Murphy reminds him how he pinned her down that night and forced her to push him away, but he brushes her off as “a great storyteller.” He even tries to take credit for inspiring her stellar career, but Murphy scoffs at that: “I accomplished everything in spite of you, you weak, miserable excuse for a man!” He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson, and never will, but Murphy gets her revenge anyway: She takes back the award she left at his house that fateful night, as a symbol of all she’s accomplished… on her own.

Elsewhere in “#MurphyToo”: Frank gets burned (literally) by a new app Pat developed that zaps him every time he says something inappropriate; Miles restrains himself from pursuing a romance with a young researcher on staff… until she takes another job; and Miguel ducks anytime someone in the bar asks for “ice.” (Groan.)

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