Last Man Standing Recap: R.I.P., Bud!

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This week on Last Man Standing, Mike refuses to grieve his late father Bud — that is, until Bud pays him a visit from beyond the grave. What follows is a conversation that father and son never had when Bud was still alive.

As revealed in “Man vs. Myth,” Bud died four months ago, and Mike has yet to sort through his father’s belongings. Ryan stops by with paperwork for Bud’s Buds, but Mike wants nothing to do with it. In fact, he’s determined to sell the pot dispensary and do away with his father’s legacy. The next day, Kristin approaches Mike at work and proposes that she and Ryan take over Bud’s Buds, but Mike holds firm on his decision to sell. An upset Kris storms out of Mike’s office, saying she can’t believe she cares more about Bud than his own son.

Later that night, Mike returns home and lets Vanessa know that goodwill will be stopping by to collect Bud’s junk. In response, Vanessa confronts her husband about refusing to grieve his late father, but Mike insists he’s fine. “What’s there to say about him?” Mike asks. “He was a lousy father who dropped dead at a bowling alley.” And just when he thinks he’s escaped discussing dear ol’ dad, he enters the garage to find Bud’s ghost waiting to have a talk with him.

There, Mike scolds Bud, telling Dad that he was a distant, uninvolved parent. “I am who I am despite how you raised me,” he says, “not because of it.” But at the end of the day, Mike is most upset because Bud never said “I love you.” The father and son say they were both going to eventually, but ultimately waited until it was too late.

Later, Kris comes to apologize to Mike for lashing out at work. Mike accepts her apology, then hands her the paperwork to take over Bud’s Buds. Afterwards, Kris explains why Bud was her hero, revealing to Mike that she first confided in her grandfather when she found out she was pregnant at 17. At the time, she worried how Mike would react, but Grandpa assured her that Mike would love her even more if she went to him and told him the truth. Mike gets weepy-eyed, and tells Kris he loves her.

The following afternoon, goodwill shows up to retrieve Bud’s things. Mike tells them to take all the boxes, but holds onto his father’s favorite chair.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kyle is settling into his new gig in personnel, but still feels out of place behind a desk. In an effort to help boost his confidence, Mandy gives her husband a makeover, which doesn’t go over well; he shows up to work the next day in a shirt and tie… and short shorts. After Ed and Chuck tease him, a newly confident Kyle stands firm with Mandy and says he’ll be dressing himself from here on out.

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