Origin: Tom Felton Wants Out of This World in Trailer for YouTube Drama

Ditching life on Earth and boarding a spaceship to another planet might sound tempting. But after watching the trailer for YouTube’s original drama Origin, the idea will seem a lot less enticing.

The video platform on Thursday unveiled an official promo for its forthcoming series, which stars Harry Potter alumni Tom Felton and Natalia Tena as members of a group that comes thisclose to leaving Earth behind for good — until a mysterious event foils their plans.

As seen in the trailer above, a gaggle of strangers — who are currently miserable on a grungy future version of Earth — are given a chance to relocate to Thea, an inhabitable planet that is being colonized by a company called SIREN. Despite their anxieties, the outsiders agree to take a chance on what SIREN describes as “a new world, a world without judgment, a world where your history no longer has any relevance.”

But when the group is abandoned on the ship that was bound for Thea, its members are forced to fight for survival. (In space, no less.)

All 10 episodes of Origin‘s first season will drop on YouTube Premium on Wednesday, Nov. 14. Check out the full trailer above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts.

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