Criminal Minds No. 300 Sneak Peek: Reid Sneaks a Message to the Team

God bless Spencer Reid’s big, beautiful brain and it’s ability to say something without uttering a word.

CBS’ Criminal Minds opens Season 14 this Wednesday at 10/9c with the procedural’s 300th episode, which picks up exactly where things left off: The Messiah’s followers, VICAP Special Agent Mary Meadows (Galavant‘s Karen David) included, have compelled Reid to spring their serial-killing cult’s leader, Benjamin Merva (Michael Hogan), from FBI custody.

In doing so, though, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) had the presence of mind to silently get a message to the BAU team, as seen in the exclusive sneak peek above. What is Reid’s two-word clue? And what could it possibly mean? (This might give you a spoilery hint.)

Indeed, as the synopsis for the episode — which was written by showrunner Erica Messer and is not stingy with milestone-marking flashbacks — says, “The BAU finds surprising clues in their own history to solve why the two heroes have been targeted by a mass murderer.”

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