The Resident: Jenna Dewan Teases Julian's 'Instant Chemistry' With Devon

The Resident

Tonight’s episode of The Resident (Fox, 8/7c) will introduce Jenna Dewan as medical device sales rep Julian Booth — but her arrival might just trigger heart trouble (and we don’t mean the kind that requires surgery) for one of Chastain Park’s best doctors. 

As executive producer Todd Harthan already assured us, Conrad and Nic’s burgeoning relationship won’t be threatened by Julian. But Devon’s engagement to fiancée Priya Nair? That’s another matter.

According to Dewan, the staff at Chastain Park will be reluctant to interact with Julian, who arrives at the hospital in hopes of selling medical devices for patients that need them. But Devon, the big softie that he is, will give Julian the benefit of the doubt, triggering an “instant chemistry and connection” between the two of them.

“There is certainly a sense of mistrust immediately when it comes to someone who’s selling something. All of the doctors are immediately wary of Julian,” Dewan tells TVLine. “[Devon] is the first doctor she meets that’s a bit taken with her. He’s taken with Julian and what she’s bringing to the hospital… And that means a lot to Julian.”

But even though Dewan describes the pair’s initial dynamic as “a friendship,” it ultimately gives way to something more — which is not great for the engaged Devon.

“There’s some romantic tension to come,” she teases. “Their friendship causes a lot of questions to arise, especially when Devon is to be married and I’m there on a professional mission. There’s a lot of questions to be asked.”

Still, Devon might want to think twice before getting involved with Dewan’s character. According to the actress, Julian might have some ulterior motives upon arriving at Chastain Park.

“Just when you think you’ve got her pegged or the situation pegged, something happens to change your mind,” Dewan hints. “[The Resident] really likes to portray the underbelly of the medical industry, and Julian is a part of that.”

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