Big Bang Theory Recap: The Perfect Gift — Plus: Who's Getting Married Now?

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The Big Bang Theory‘s final season continues with a scavenger hunt to get to the bottom of a peculiar wedding gift. Meanwhile, one of the friends decides it’s time to settle down — even if that means relying on an antiquated tradition. 

While sitting down to write thank-you cards, Sheldon and Amy finally get around to unboxing Leonard and Penny’s gift. It’s a crystal of some sort, but the newlyweds can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. It’s neither memorabilia from one of Sheldon’s “dumb sci-fi shows” (such as Westworld), nor is it a “marital aide.” As Leonard soon reveals, it’s just some “dumb crystal wand” that Raj initially gave to Howard and Bernadette as a wedding gift, which Howard and Bernadette later re-gifted to Leonard and Penny.

“Penny and I were miserable trying to figure out what it was,” Leonard says, “and I thought, ‘Why not pass that fun along to Sheldon and Amy?'” This, of course, eventually blows up Leonard and Penny’s faces.

At CalTech, Sheldon asks Howard if he knows what Leonard and Penny got them, and whether it’s actually a clue to a scavenger hunt that’ll lead him to the real gift. Never one to pass up an opportunity to mess with Sheldon, Howard tells him that’s exactly what it is. This sets Sheldon and Amy on a quest that eventually leads them back to the coffee shop where they first met in the Season 3 finale. There, they find an empty locket in the lost and found, and assume that’s the real gift. They return to Apt. 4A to report their findings, which greatly confuse Leonard and Penny. As a token of their appreciation, Sheldon and Amy hand their BFFs a special thank-you note written in a secret code. “Hint: It’s based on Sanskrit, but not the Sanskrit you’re thinking of,” Amy teases. “Best of all, you can’t use the Internet to cheat,” Sheldon reveals, because they’ve locked Leonard and Penny out of their wifi, and the secret code is the new password.

Raj, meanwhile, decides that he’s sick of being single. “Without love, life is dark and meaningless,” he says, “and all you’re left with is the judgmental gaze of your dog as you finish off a bag of Doritos on the toilet.” And so, the astrophysicist calls his dad and asks him to set up an arranged marriage. At the end of the episode, Raj heads to Leonard and Penny’s and says he intends to get married — and his father’s already found him a potential spouse. “As long as I can get through six-to-10 dates without being myself, this is happening,” he declares.

Last but not least is Stuart, who takes Howard and Raj’s advice and asks Denise out on a date. He makes the unfortunate decision to get a really bad spray tan, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Ross Geller counted “Mississippily.” It’s pretty terrible, but not terrible enough to dissuade Denise from going out to dinner. (She must really like him!)

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