Big Bang Theory Final Season Premiere Recap: So Much for Wedded Bliss!

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Cooper’s vigorous, socially sanctioned love-making gets put on hold in The Big Bang Theory‘s final season premiere, which picks up during the newlyweds’ East Coast honeymoon.

We begin Season 12 at Sheldon and Amy’s first post-wedding destination: Legoland. Amy wakes up to find Sheldon has ordered room service consisting of blocks shaped like bacon and eggs. They eventually make their way to Destination No. 2 — New York City — where Sheldon has their entire itinerary in order, including tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a tour of the sights where Nikola Tesla “lived, worked and slowly went crazy,” and coitus. Lots and lots of coitus. Amy’s initially excited that her hubby no longer views sex as an annual deed, but tires of his need to schedule their “conjugal relations,” as well as every other waking moment of their lives.

Sheldon continues to get on Amy’s nerves the following afternoon. She initially loses patience with him for suggesting that he interrupt their tour guide and point out his many mistakes. He then implies that his wife is upset because they didn’t give each other “the special hug that grownups give each other” the night before. The entire tour group overhears him, and Amy walks away. He eventually catches up to her and explains that he wants to be a good husband, but he’s not a particularly physical person, so he needs to schedule their “bedroom endeavors,” or he may not think about them. In response, Amy proposes a compromise: Sheldon can make all the schedules he wants — so long as he doesn’t tell her about them. That way, their life together can at least seem more spontaneous, which is all she really wants.

Meanwhile, back in Pasadena, Leonard and Penny discover that Amy’s father, Larry, has been hiding out from Mrs. Fowler at Sheldon and Amy’s apartment. After Mrs. Fowler ventures over and confronts her oft-silent partner, Leonard points out that he and Penny are quite similar to Amy’s ‘rents; he’s the sweet, quiet one, and she’s… Amy’s mom. (Yikes!) Leonard ultimately assures his wife that she’s nothing like Mrs. Fowler — who’s perceived as cold and intimidating — yet Leonard still flinches when his wife comes in for a hug. Penny, meanwhile, scares Larry into returning home to avoid befriending Sheldon’s mother-in-law.

Last but not least is Raj, who is asked to appear on the local news to discuss an upcoming meteor shower. Howard points out that that’s how Neil deGrasse Tyson got his start (“He went from Hayden Planetarium, to guesting on the local news, to ruining everyone’s favorite movies on the Internet.”), so Raj considers compiling a list of all the scientific inaccuracies in Mamma Mia 2. But instead, he goes on TV and repeatedly insults Tyson, resulting in a Twitter war with the famed astrophysicist. He eventually receives a menacing call from Tyson, who reminds him that he’s the guy who kicked Pluto out of the solar system. After a panicked Raj hangs up, Tyson scrolls through his contacts and dials someone else who needs a “deGrasse kicking.” On the receiving end is none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy, who immediately hangs up in fear.

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