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Chicago Fire Sneak Peek: Casey Gets Angry About His Murky Marital Status

A sure sign that Casey and Dawson’s marriage is in trouble on Chicago Fire? The captain can’t even remember when he last talked to his wife, as seen in the above scene from the Season 7 premiere.

As viewers will recall, Dawson (played by former series regular Monica Raymund) sought out a volunteer paramedic gig in Puerto Rico after a huge fight with her hubby in last May’s season ender. Despite being physically separated, they’re still together, but facing some major hurdles when the NBC drama returns next Wednesday (at 9/8c). “When she told me her two-week mission was going to extend a month, I didn’t protest,” Casey tells his pal Kelly Severide. “When that month became two, I blew up a little. Maybe a lot.”

And things only got worse from there. “We started out Facetime-ing, then phone calls. Now it’s pretty much just two-word texts,” he continues. “I think I’m more angry than anything else.”

But as far as Severide sees it, the situation isn’t entirely Dawson’s fault. “If you want this long-distance thing to work, you might wanna step it up,” Severide advises his friend. As Casey notes, relationship wisdom from the former playboy is unexpected, which has made the role reversal a treat for Taylor Kinney, who portrays the rescue squad lieutenant.

“It’s been a lot of fun to play so far this season with the change of pace,” Kinney tells TVLine. “Kelly is finally in a grounded relationship and kind of offers the olive branch, so to speak, in terms of advice and being a shoulder or an ear. Casey, going through what he’s going through in his personal life and relationship, it gives a different perspective. The audience will see each character in a different light — maybe Casey is a little more vulnerable, whereas he’s always been the constant and a rock in his relationship, and someone that everybody else looks up to. Kelly was always trying to find his way. He’s in a good place now.”

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