Supergirl's Alex and Maggie: Here's the Break-Up Scene You Never Saw!

Given how painful Alex and Maggie’s split was in Season 3 of Supergirl, can you really blame us for wanting to spend a little more time with “Sanvers”? Say, 78 seconds more? TVLine has an exclusive first look at a deleted scene from “Damage,” the couple’s final episode together, in which Alex and Maggie face the reality of their situation and begin the painful separation process. (On second thought, this is just going to break our hearts all over again, isn’t it?)

The lost scene finds Alex and Maggie dealing with the housekeeping aspects of their split, from canceling their wedding venue reservation to debating whether or not to return the gifts they already received. Spoiler alert: The ladies decide to pop open the bottle of tequila from Alex’s great uncle Jerry, because the only thing harder than ending the life you’ve built with the person you love… is doing it sober.

Painful as it may be to watch, this scene — which can be found on Supergirl: The Complete Third Season, available now on Digital and on Blu-ray and DVD Sept. 18 — fills in a major blank from the episode, which showed Alex and Maggie drinking from a bottle of tequila that was already half empty. (Finally, Jerry gets the credit he deserves for giving “Sanvers” fans one last chance to watch their favorite couple get schwasted.)

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Alex and Maggie’s lost break-up scene, then drop a comment with your thoughts below: Are you still holding out hope that the two will reunite someday, or are you ready to see Alex move on with someone else?