Insecure Recap: Strangers in a Pool — Plus, Quitting Time for [Spoiler]

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Daniel who? Sunday’s Insecure sent Issa on an impromptu first date that was so flirt-tastic, I almost didn’t notice that the episode didn’t give us any Kelli. (Almost. I do need my Kelli fix.) With whom did our heroine get wet and wild? Read on…

‘BYE, DANIEL’ | As “Fresh-Like” began, Daniel dropped off the last of Issa’s stuff at her new place. When she tried to express her gratitude for all that he’d done for her, he replied c’mon, “you don’t gotta do all that” and gave her a bittersweet hug. (Props to the show for not going where I was sure they were, and moving straight into an Issa/Daniel pairing. Way to keep us guessing, people!) On Daniel’s way out, he ran into Molly, whose goodbye sounded unusually final, like he was about to go the way of Lawrence. As if to underscore that suspicion, upstairs, Molly encouraged Issa to embrace the fact that she was a “brand-new bitch” by throwing out her old s—, including her Forever 21 earrings (though “they last forever!”) and the mix CDs that Lawrence had made her after their first date. “If you want a fresh start… ” Molly said. Fine, Issa replied. “Trash.”

insecure-season 3 episode 4 recap issa quits nathan kiss‘WHO THROWS AWAY ADELE?’ | That night, while Molly let Flavor Flav replace Dro in her bed, Issa had second thoughts about chucking out her past, especially after coming across her high-school rap journal and its rhymes about the “big schemes, big dreams” she had. The following day, Molly found it tough to, as Issa advised, be her “fire-ass self” at her new firm. In fact, she found it impossible to even get a word in edgewise with Taurean at a meeting. Later, she asked Felicia and Stacy if it had just been her. Oh no, they replied. Taurean’s like that. “They didn’t teach modesty at Morehouse!” Meanwhile, at We Got Y’All, Frieda had good news. “Oh, you got that cat?” Issa guessed. No, Issa had been OK’d to return to the field. And after lunch, they could discuss her new school assignment. Only Issa wouldn’t be coming back from lunch, for the sexiest of reasons…

insecure season 3 episode 4 issa quits nathan kiss‘I LIKE HOW YOU RIDE FOR YOUR CITY’ | Grabbing a taco, Issa bumped into Nathan — you remember, her smokin’-hot Lyft passenger in the premiere. From that moment, it was on — Flirtfest 2018. First, she “guessed” that his name was Nanceford, then he razzed her about the flakiness of L.A. people (even as she blew off picking up her brother at the airport). Since Nathan’s taco wasn’t going to be ready for an hour, he let Party Lyft, as he called her, give him a tour of Leimert Park, an area that she described as “black everything.” Along the way, he explained that, although he was a barber, he didn’t want to get stuck behind a chair, so he liked to go to his clients instead of the other way around. And with every step the twosome took, it became harder to tell which of them was more charmed by the other. (Lawrence who?)

https://tvline.com/2018/08/12/insecure-season-3-episode-1-recap-molly-dro-break-up/‘I JUST FEEL LIKE I’M STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN’ | During a therapy session, Molly complained that her new firm wasn’t treating her like the star that she knew she was; instead, she was getting bogged down in the old boys club and the same kind of politics as there had been at her old firm. Maybe, her therapist suggested, she’d feel better if she focused less on where she should rank and more on how she could help. “So what you saying?” Molly snapped. “Calm down?” That wasn’t gonna happen. After Dro, she only wanted to make moves that would take her where she wanted to go. Her therapist’s priceless, telling reaction: “Who’s Dro?” At the same time, Issa and Nathan began incorporating Truth or Dare into their date. Up first, she told the truth about her last relationship — including that it had ended because she’d cheated. “Damn,” said Nathan, “that was honest.” But he didn’t judge her. “We all got something,” he said. “We just gotta grow from it.” (Liking. This. Guy.)

‘WHO WANTS TO HEAR A RAP ABOUT TWO NAKED STRANGERS IN A POOL?’ | By and by, Issa and Nathan made their way to the house she’d lived in as a kid. When he heard that it had a pool she’d rarely gotten to use, he dared her to break in… which wasn’t hard; the gate was unlocked. For her turn, she dared him to strip down and jump in — and he did. Of course, he then dared her to do the same. “Avert your eyes,” she said. What??!? When it had been his turn, “you didn’t avert s—,” he cracked. While Issa did some “Olympic-level dog-paddling,” she opened up to Nathan about her rap journals and the fact that even now, she sometimes spat rhymes in the mirror. In turn, he admitted that he really didn’t hate L.A., he was just finding it hard starting over after moving from Houston. But “sometimes you’ve just gotta go for it even when it don’t make sense to everybody else.” No sooner had Issa admitted how well she could relate, in particular regarding her unsatisfying job, than the current owners of the house noticed that they had “guests.”

insecure season 3 episode 4 recap issa quits nathan kiss‘I NEED SOMETHING NEW… I’M QUITTING’ | At Hayward & Assoc., Molly first seemed to be taking her therapist’s advice by volunteering to help Felicia and Stacy with a case. But when they wanted to meet with her that evening to discuss it, she was busy — with, of all people, Taurean. (Oh, Molly!) As the episode drew to a close, Issa and Nathan were at her crib… You know what, I can’t possibly describe what they were doing better than the kid who showed up at the apartment manager’s door to report that he and his mom were locked out. He took one look at the scene and guessed that Issa and Nathan had been “eating tacos and kissing on the mouth.” As Nathan took his leave, he thanked Issa for the “L.A. day” and suggested that they do it again. (Yes, please.) Issa must have liked that idea, too, because she then threw out her old stuff — even the mix CDs — and told Frieda she didn’t want to go back into the field… or work at We Got Y’All anymore. Miss Issa really was becoming a “brand-new bitch”!

What did you think of “Fresh-Like”? Is anyone not feeling Issa and Nathan? And has Molly ever had a worse enemy than herself? Hit the comments.

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