Adventure Time EP Previews 'Satisfying' Series Finale Surprises

Adventure Time Series Finale

Finn and Jake have one clear objective in Monday’s Adventure Time series finale (Cartoon Network, 6/5c): Rally an army to defeat Gumbald and save the Land of Ooo once and for all. But what about the minds behind the show, the ones responsible for effectively wrapping up 210+ episodes of (surprisingly complex) television? What’s their objective?

“Shows are judged almost too much on their ending,” executive producer Adam Muto admits to TVLine. “Like, what’s the landing? That’s what sticks with people, especially longtime viewers. So the difficulty is crafting a satisfying ending that doesn’t feel completely indulgent. I think that was the biggest challenge.”

Having seen the four-part finale event, TVLine can confirm that longtime fans of the Cartoon Network series will be satiated — and likely surprised — by the closure provided to many of Ooo’s citizens. Some of the finale’s biggest developments have been years in the making, just waiting for an official confirmation of the end before coming to fruition.

“We had a shorter order as we headed into this season, so we knew that if this wasn’t the end, it was coming up soon,” Muto says. “But we didn’t officially know until towards the end of the season. There was a bit of re-shuffling, but [Cartoon Network] gave us as much lead time as they could. It’s almost the best time [to end], because everyone is like, ‘We could do more, but we shouldn’t.’ It’s good to end while people are still in it and aren’t totally burnt out.”

Also worth keeping in mind: You should savor every second you spend with the people of Ooo on Monday, because it could be the last ones we’ll ever get. On the topic of that Adventure Time movie, first reported back in 2015, Muto says, “That was always more in Warner Brothers’ court, so I can’t really speak to it. I think this story has its ending now. I feel like a movie would be a completely different thing. It was important for us to have this story feel complete without burning it to the ground. This chapter feels over.”

What are your hopes for the Adventure Time series finale? Any answers or moments you’re especially hoping for? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.