Shadowhunters Auction Accidentally Spoils Final Season Twists for Fans

Shadowhunters Auction Spoilers

Some Shadowhunters fans got a lot more than they bargained for this week when they clicked into an online auction (hosted by 403 Auction) for props from the outgoing drama’s set. While many of the items up for bid were either generic or familiar — including some of Alec’s bows and several keepsakes from episodes past — others were tied to storylines that have yet to air, spoiling some of the big twists that remain in the series’ final run.

For the sake of protecting fans from more spoilers, we won’t get into detail about exactly what was revealed, but some of the more objectionable items included an extremely detailed letter from Clary to Jace. Devoted fans, many of whom have been active in the #SaveShadowhunters movement, were outraged, contacting anyone they thought could help diffuse the situation, as noted by Pure Fandom.

Co-showrunner Todd Slavkin replied to one concerned fan, saying, “We are aware of [the] auction but had no idea about spoilers. That sucks on so many different levels.” The items containing spoilers have since been removed from the official listing. When reached for comment, Freeform confirmed that the auction was not organized by the network, nor is Freeform hosting it.

Produced by Constantin Film, Shadowhunters is set to return sometime in 2019 with the final 10 episodes of Season 3, picking up where the explosive midseason finale left off. Those episodes will be followed by a two-hour wrap-up movie titled The Final Hunt, which will provide closure for the series’ many characters. (For what it’s worth, co-showrunner Darren Swimmer just watched a cut of the Slavkin-directed event and had very high praise.)

Your thoughts on this unfortunate mix-up? The end of Shadowhunters in general? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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