Better Call Saul: Did Kim Write Chuck's Letter? Bob Odenkirk Has an Answer

Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 3 Kim JImmy

The verdict is in on a persistent Better Call Saul fan theory: Did Kim actually write that emotional letter from Jimmy’s dead brother Chuck that she handed to Jimmy a couple weeks back?

“Yeah, that’s crazy. I don’t believe that for a second,” star Bob Odenkirk told TVLine when we posed the theory to him. “I don’t think Kim wrote the letter. I think that’s what Chuck wrote a few years before, and it’s just pro forma bulls–t that Chuck was spouting to the world.”

As Odenkirk reminds us, just before Chuck died, “he said to Jimmy, ‘You meant nothing to me.'” So he sees Chuck’s surprisingly gracious letter as “a weird ‘f–k you’ to Jimmy, to just drive him crazier and make Chuck look to the world like the benevolent brother.”

According to the fan theory, Kim switched out the original letter from Chuck and wrote a nicer one to spare Jimmy’s feelings. But if she did, it didn’t really work: Jimmy just shrugged off the kind words in the letter, and actually ended up comforting a crying Kim afterwards. We had our own doubts about the theory — would a straight-shooter like Kim really fake getting emotional when Jimmy read the letter aloud? — but with Saul‘s leading man himself now throwing water on it, we’re inclined to declare this case definitively closed.

Do you still think Kim may have penned the letter? Or were you baffled by the theory from the start? Watch the scene again below, and then drop your thoughts in the comments.

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