Scandal Video: Watch Olivia Threaten to Bury Jake Alive in Deleted Scene

Just consider this another one of Scandal‘s countless casualties: TVLine has an exclusive deleted scene from Scandal: The Complete Sixth and Seventh Seasons (available Aug. 28 on DVD) which finds Olivia Pope and Jake Ballard locked in a nasty war of words. So, you know, another weekday.

Cut from the Season 6 premiere, this deleted scene begins innocently enough, with Olivia asking Jake to help her prove that Cyrus murdered Frankie Vargas. Heck, they even manage to find common ground on Cyrus being a “disgusting vile sub-human demon.” But the conversation quickly goes south, as all Olivia/Jake interactions inevitably do, when she begins to suspect that he knows more than he’s letting on.

That’s when she just comes out and says it: “You’re in on this,” the first of many conspiracies hatched throughout this season-long story arc. Jake attempts to brush off her accusations and get back to work, but as we all know, Olivia Pope always gets the last word: “I am going to get to the bottom of this,” she shouts, “and I will bury you if I have to!” (And after watching Olivia beat Andrew Nichols to death with a metal chair, who are any of us to doubt that Liv would bury a man alive?)

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Olivia and Jake’s deleted encounter, then drop a comment with your fond memories of Scandal below.

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