Scandal Recap: 'Never Cross Me Again'

Scandal Recap

Unlike the DuckTales gang, Olivia Pope is not a fan of rewriting history.

So it should come as no surprise that she shot down Andrew Nichols’ request to help publish a book aimed at painting him as an “American hero” on Thursday’s Scandal. Oh, sorry, I think I’m getting ahead of myself: Andrew. Nichols. Is. Back. (Well, he was back, but I’ll get to that later.)

To make matters worse, Mellie’s ex-lover/the man who orchestrated Liv’s kidnapping in Season 4 agreed to a tell-all interview — or at least the parts that don’t make him look like a monster — with none other than Fitz’s new squeeze Lillian Forrester.

After several attempts to silence Andrew — now a shell of the man he once was, following his Huck-induced stroke — Olivia unleashed holy hell, beating him to death with a metal chair in the White House bunker. (Not that I’d ever say he didn’t deserve it. Heck, I half expected Meredith Grey to saunter in and remind Andrew that he doesn’t get to call Olivia a whore.)

After being consoled by Fitz, a zombie-like Olivia found herself on her father’s doorstep — and he was more than happy to greet her with open arms.

Other WTF Moments:

* Prior to Andrew’s brutal demise, Abby cut a deal with the wheelchair-bound villain to only tell Lillian about his affair with Mellie, thus saving Fitz from having to admit to faking Andrew’s assassination attempt. [Insert deep breath here.] I figured that this would irk Olivia, especially after Abby had her White House pass revoked, but I never expected a blood-spattered Liv to look at her former friend with such intense hatred before declaring, “Never cross me again.” (Who’s the “monster” now?!)

* Frankie’s brother did a little digging into Tom, and boy did he uncover a doozy of a secret: He’s sleeping with Cyrus! (In other news, the image of Tom and Cyrus in bed together, giggling over a plate of brownies, is going to haunt me for the rest of my days.) Also, #PoorMichael.

* Lastly, Marcus remains justifiably angry over being kept in the dark about, well, all of the above. I smell another troublemaker brewing.

Your thoughts on (in my opinion) one of the craziest Scandal episodes of all time? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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