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Power's 50 Cent Teases Fallout From Kanan Shocker: 'It Spins Out of Control'


The following post contains major spoilers about Sunday’s episode of Power. Proceed with caution.

A major Power player was eliminated during Sunday’s episode — but his death will have a seismic effect on the rest of the Starz drama’s ensemble.

At the end of the Aug. 26 installment, Kanan was killed during a shootout with police, which had resulted from Tasha and Angela’s plan to frame Kanan for murdering Raina’s killer.

According to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who played Kanan and serves as an executive producer on the series, the character’s death “ramps up everything” in the final two episodes of Season 5.

“The pace of the next two shows is a lot [faster], because it’s everyone else’s response to the betrayal of Kanan and his death,” Jackson told reporters during a conference call on Monday. “Trust is completely broken. It spins out of control. Everybody’s looking at everybody sideways.”

He continued: “Ghost’s behavior up to this point has exhausted Tasha, and he has this narcissistic thing where he just does whatever comforts him, and then it’s everyone else’s fault when it goes wrong. There’s no way Tommy’s going to believe that Ghost wasn’t aware of Tasha’s plan.”

Jackson will continue to executive-produce Power, and he will direct an episode of the previously announced sixth season, which is why he has no qualms about Kanan’s demise.

“There’s this weird feeling that comes over [when a character dies]. There’s an uncertainty,” Jackson said. “You’re getting ready to be put back in the pool of talented people that don’t know where they’re going to work next. You’re looking for the next opportunity, the next show, the next film project. For me, it wasn’t like that. I’m going to have a bigger role on [Power], and I can bring more moments to the show that… create additional excitement.”

Power fans, were you surprised by Kanan’s death? Tell us in the comments below.

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