Insecure Recap: Strained Bedfellows — Plus, Issa and Daniel [Spoiler]

insecure-season 3 episode 3 recap issa daniel almost have sex

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s Insecure. Proceed at your own risk.

After weeks of sexual tension between Issa and Daniel, Sunday’s Insecure at last answered the question of will they or won’t they. Aaand… did they? Read on, and I’ll not only tell you that, I’ll reveal how quickly Molly’s dream job turned into a nightmare, how Daniel blew his shot at collaborating with Khalil, and why Issa may soon be dancing to a new beat.

insecure-season 3 episode 3 recap issa daniel almost have sex‘THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS’ | As “Backwards-Like” began, Issa and Daniel were sharing his bed. OK, maybe “sharing” is the wrong word since she kept inching over to his side (only because she had a bad neck and he had the better pillow, she insisted). After he discovered that her heart’s desire was snack food between the sheets and inquired what else her heart craved, they started getting busy (and even used extra spicy Cheetos to turn up the heat). So of course, that was when Issa snapped out of her fantasy. Later, when she admitted to Molly that she’d begun platonically sleeping with Daniel, her gal pal’s perfect response was “Oh, girl, no.” They just slept side by side, Issa said as if it would help. “Oh, girl, no,” Molly repeated. And with good reason: Issa couldn’t deny that she thought about having sex with Daniel a lot. Not like right then, though. “No,” she swore before confessing, “Yeah,” even right then.

insecure season 3 episode 3 recap issa daniel almost have sex‘WE’VE GIVEN WHITE PEOPLE ENOUGH TIME’ | At a job fair with Issa, Frieda was excited about the prospect of We Got Y’All hiring some staff of color, even though she was pretty sure she wasn’t legally allowed to be excited about that. Regardless, they attracted so many promising contenders that at one point, Frieda was moved to exclaim, “Are we in the North Pole, ’cause we are slaying!” For her part, Issa seemed more taken with the Beat Crew, a nonprofit that introduced musically gifted kids to different kinds of music. And even before she started researching the organization from her desk at We Got Y’All, she gave the impression that she might have actually stumbled upon a passion. “I remember when I was 10, my mom took me to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo,” she told the Beat Crew’s leader. “I still don’t know what a Mambazo is.” Yet it had made a lasting impression.

insecure-season 3 episode 3 recap issa daniel almost have sex‘SO YOU WANT IT?’ | During Daniel and Khalil’s collaboration session, the latter dug a track by the former that sampled a melody from a Nordic rock group. But at the first hint of criticism — in particular, Khalil’s suggestion that maybe the jazz flute was too jazzy — Daniel bristled. And his bristling only increased as Khalil tweaked the track to be more in keeping with his own style — and, he said, the style Spyder would respond to. Meanwhile, Issa interviewed for a job as the property manager of an apartment complex — and was stunned to learn that the part-time position came with a spacious $1,500/month crib for only $750/month. Later, Issa advised Daniel not to sweat it if Khalil had rejiggered his track; he could do what he wanted once he’d made it big. Hell, he could even get her to play tambourine on a track if he wanted. As their flirting intensified, she blurted out that she was probably going to take the apartment-manager job and move out. In response, he admitted that he liked her staying with him. So “why don’t we just try keeping it like it is?”

insecure-season 3 episode 3 recap issa daniel almost have sex‘DID I GET A DEMOTION?!?’ | While all this was going on, Molly started at Hayward & Assoc. And at first, it seemed amazing. She was welcomed by boss Malcolm, Taurean, Felicia and her own assistant, Karen. And she was so taken with her office that she couldn’t resist doing a little happy dance. But then, she found out from Karen that the firm didn’t use docu-sign like her old firm, and it was downhill from there. Soon, she discovered that, also unlike at her old firm, her office was the storage room. “It’s actually convenient when you get used to it,” Malcolm said. By the time she got to dinner with Issa, Kelli and a pregnant Tiffany, she was beside herself, wondering why black businesses all had to struggle and likening the firm to her uncle’s house — an 8,000-sq.-ft. palace… in which he could only afford a beanbag chair. Soon, talk turned to Coachella. When Tiffany assured Issa that she’d be able to afford the accommodations, Issa replied that that wasn’t a problem anymore, because she was going to keep staying at Daniel’s. “I told you not to sleep in his bed,” said Molly. Right on cue, Kelli chimed in: “So you figured out how to pay him after all.” C’mon, guys, Issa pleaded. For once, there were no obstacles between her and Daniel; wasn’t that worth exploring? All together, her personal Greek chorus replied emphatically, “No!”

‘MAYBE YOU SHOULD APOLOGIZE’ | The next day at We Got Y’All, when Frieda took a break from pitching applicant Antoinette on the organization’s five-year plan to call in Joanne, the prospective employee asked Issa how long she’d worked there. Hearing that it had been five years, Antoinette remarked that she must really like it, then. (Cue Issa looking up the Beat Crew on the web… ) At her first monthly meeting at Hayward & Assoc., Molly was surprised to find out that they didn’t wait for Malcolm to join them. Guess at her old firm meetings always started on time, snickered her new colleagues. When at last Spyder came by Daniel’s studio, Daniel couldn’t resist playing him his version of his track, not Khalil’s redo. Spyder liked it, but Khalil insisted on having his mix played as well. When Spyder couldn’t decide which one he preferred, Khalil moved on to playing the rising star some more beats of his own. Daniel had blown his chance to smithereens.

‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’ | That evening, Issa took out Daniel for one of the tenser thank-you dinners in the history of thank-you dinners. He was already in a bad mood because of what had gone down in the studio, and he was upset, too, because Issa was accepting the apartment-manager job and moving out. Things came to a head when he scoffed at the notion of Issa advising him on how to remedy the situation with Khalil. Who was she to give career advice when she didn’t really even care about what she did? In bed later, Daniel apologized… and kissed Issa’s shoulder. Soon, he was kissing a whole lot more than her shoulder, and it appeared that they were about to get back together in every sense of the words. But then, she slammed on the brakes. “I can’t do this,” she said. “It just doesn’t feel right.” And with that, they both rolled over and pretended either of them was going to be able to sleep. So, what did you think of “Backwards-Like”? Do you believe it’s really over between Issa and Daniel? Hit the comments.

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