TVLine Podcast: GLOW's Betty Gilpin Talks Emmy Nod, Debbie/Ruth Reunion 'Fantasies' and That Season 2 Scene

GLOW Season 2 Betty Gilpin Interview Podcast

Just watching the highly physical Season 2 of Netflix’s wrestling comedy GLOW left me feeling like I needed water, a towel and a moment to catch my breath. So I’m not quite sure how star Betty Gilpin had the energy to shoot episode after episode of piledrivers and dropkicks.

As it turns out, neither is she.

When Gilpin sits down for this new episode of The TVLine Podcast, I jokingly ask how she is able to move after the bridal bouquet battle in the Season 2 finale. “I don’t know,” she says. “Wrestling is definitely a brain-jostling thing. And I think acting is also a brain-jostling thing. So I feel like my brain is like, ‘OK. So you just spent three months alternately telling me to sob and then flip over and land on my spine. That hurt and was disturbing. Now you’re telling me congratulations? I quit.'”

Those congrats, by the way? Well-warranted: Gilpin’s work as Debbie Eagan (and her ringside alter ego, Liberty Belle) earned her a Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy nomination — a development the actress says she’s still trying to comprehend.

“I’m so scared. It’s very exciting. I don’t know,” she says. “It was never in my dream wheelhouse. So I feel like I don’t have any context for reaction about it.”

We also discuss Gilpin’s preferred method for becoming Debbie (and what black ducks and red rivers have to do with it), her rather large on-screen hairdo (“I don’t know how I am not bald”) and whether that ill-fated move that ended with Ruth on crutches was intentional or not (after all, as Gilpin notes, Debbie “was in a drunk-y, coke-y rage”).

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