The 100 EP Previews Game-Changing Season 5 Finale: 'People Won't Be Able to Guess Where It's Going'

The 100 Spoilers

Tuesday’s season finale of The 100 (The CW, 8/7c) is a literal fight or flight scenario. Or is it fight and flight?

Following last week’s near-fatal episode (for multiple characters), the second half of the Season 5 ender finds our favorites in a race against time as McCreary attempts to move forward with his plan to blow up the valley.

“All of the pieces are in place for another epic, game-changing — in many ways — finale,” showrunner Jason Rothenberg tells TVLine. “We’ve set up a situation where there are two armies fighting over the last survivable land. If they can’t figure out a way to make peace, or to overcome the human instinct to not make peace, they risk destroying that last valley. The fate of the planet literally hangs in the balance.”

In addition to big physical moments — buckle up for a whole lot of action, folks! — the episode features multiple emotional twists, several of which will take fans completely by surprise, Rothenberg says.

“It’s safe to say that people won’t be able to guess where it’s going,” he says. “From my very careful read of Twitter, as painful as that often is, people haven’t [guessed] some of the big emotional things that have yet to be experienced.”

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