The 100 Season Finale: Who Died in Part 1? And Who Just Played Dead?

The 100 Recap

Several characters remain on death’s door after Tuesday’s episode of The 100 — and your reaction to those victims partially depends on how closely you’ve been following casting news about the actors on this show.

The first half of the Season 5 finale picked up right where last week’s episode left off, with Octavia leading her army directly into enemy fire. As soon as McCreary’s crew launched its assault, it was absolute madness. Bullets started flying everywhere. Bodies of people whose names I will never know began piling up. And, of course, the Blake siblings pointed their fingers at one another.

After discovering that surrender was met with instant death (color me shocked that McCreary went back on his word!), Bellamy and Octavia resorted to hiding among the corpses until they could sneak away under the cover of night. It was during that moonlit escape that they discovered a wounded Indra and a far-more-wounded Gaia. As she clung to life in her mother’s arms, Gaia uttered the phrase that finally gave Octavia the wake-up call she needed: “Wonkru is broken.” After that, Octavia was willing to sacrifice herself to save them all.

And things were no less hectic at Club McCreary, where the Big Bad himself forced Kane to listen to his former allies being slaughtered over the radio. (Terrific reception, by the way.) This was followed by a confrontation with Abby’s dealer, who not only gutted Kane like a jack-o’-lantern but also proceeded to eat his damn face. (Why is that a thing this season? It’s even worse than the tummy worms!) Abby showed up in time to get revenge, shocking the cheek-chewer to death, but not quickly enough to save Kane. I’m not necessarily sure that Kane has taken his last breath, but if he did, using his final words to tell Abby “She killed those people, not you. It was Octavia” was a heck of a choice.

Meanwhile, Clarke’s desperation to keep Madi from joining the war led her to put her “daughter” in a collar, which Raven and Echo were happy to unlock in order to liberate the young Commander. That’s when things turned absolutely bonkers: Clarke pulled a gun on Raven (“I haven’t seen you in six years, and this is how you say hello?”), Echo tried to kill Clarke (“She left Bellamy to die!”) and McCreary crashed their party to ensure that no one got away.

Then came the episode’s biggest emotional gut punch: Another war of words broke out between Clarke and Madi, prompting Clarke to say, “Love is weakness. Isn’t that what the Commanders in your head tell you?” to which Madi replied, “All but one.” Cue the immediate throat lump. Madi went on to say that she’d been dreaming of Lexa’s betrayal, remembering how she walked away from Clarke at Mount Weather and sided with the enemy. “Betraying you was her deepest regret,” Madi explained. “She’s showing me that because she doesn’t want you to make the same mistake she did.” And that was just the pep talk Clarke needed to help Madi and the others escape to save Bellamy & Co., promising her daughter that they will meet again. (The first part of that promise already came true in the episode’s final moments, so let’s hope the second part happens next week.)

Also worth discussing…

* Clarke and Echo’s scenes were [Italian chef kiss] fantastic. I really felt like Echo wanted to kill her.

* The body count was high this week, but I expected more casualties considering how many rounds were fired off. (Who taught these people how to aim, the A-Team?)

* I am all in on Raven and Shaw. When he told her he was worried he would break when McCreary started torturing her, my heart grew three sizes.

* I had the pleasure of watching this episode with someone who had never seen The 100 before — insane, right? — and I appreciated his commentary about Clarke’s luscious locks: “How does this girl have time to make her hair look so good? Look at that crimp!”

* Speaking of Clarke, I got chills when Abby told her she wasn’t sure if her overdose was an accident. That storyline keeps getting sadder and it’s making me sad. (Deep, I know.)

Which character(s) are you most worried about surviving the season? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this episode below.

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