Shadowhunters Series Finale Wraps: See Photos From the Last Days on Set

Shadowhunters Series Finale Photos

Shadowhunters‘ big wrap-up movie won’t air until 2019 — along with the second half of Season 3 — but fans have been getting an early look through the magic (no runes necessary) of social media.

The Freeform drama’s Twitter-friendly cast has been documenting every step of “The Final Hunt” — at least as much as they’re allowed to show — which culminated this weekend with the remaining cast members’ official wrap. Several actors, including Isaiah Mustafa and Alisha Wainwright, had already wrapped and are working on other projects. (Mustafa was cast in the It sequel, while Wainwright is co-starring in a new Michael B. Jordan Netflix series.)

We were on set last week for the filming of some particularly heavy scenes, but they pale in comparison to the emotions in the cast’s goodbye tweets. From Katherine McNamara’s poetry in motion (“When one door closes…”) to one last moment between the Lightwood family, it’s an intense ride. Remember, you’ve been warned.

There are also plenty of hidden gems in the gang’s Twitter spree, including the scoop on who’s playing the new Seelie Queen. (That’s the third iteration, behind Lola Flanery and Sarah Hyland, for those of you keeping score at home.)

Browse our favorite behind-the-scenes finale photos in our gallery — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your hopes for Shadowhunters in the year to come.

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