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The 100 Newbie on That Big Bellamy Moment: 'She Sees Him as a Hero'

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Fans may have to wait another week for the full Clarke-Bellamy reunion of their dreams, but Tuesday’s episode of The 100 was hardly devoid of any emotional meetings.

I mean, did we not all gasp — at least internally — when Clarke’s “daughter” Madi recognized Bellamy with but a single glance, having never met him before?

“Along with all the drawings Clarke has shown her of Bellamy, she’s told Madi a lot of stories about him,” actress Lola Flanery (aka Madi) tells TVLine. “Madi sees him as a hero, as this amazing person she can trust. … I feel like Madi already had a bond with him before they ever even met.”

And while Flanery shoots down the notion that Madi will come to see Bellamy as a father figure — much like Clarke is her “mother” — she does note that “Madi means a lot to Clarke, which makes her important” in the grand scheme of things. “She’s very brave and resourceful, like Clarke. She’s a badass who can survive on her own.”

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The internal — this time, maybe also external — gasping continued when Bellamy revealed himself to Clarke and her captors, announcing that he’d kill all of their people (still in space) if Clarke wasn’t released. “283 lives for one?” Charmaine asked. “She must be pretty important to you,” to which he replied, “She is.” (Ah!!!)

Elsewhere this week…

* Before returning to their home planet in the episode’s final stretch, the space gang investigated the prisoners’ ship, where they discovered 284 cryogenically frozen prisoners. (Make that 283, following one of them waking up, launching an attack and suffering the consequences.)

* Murphy volunteered to remain on the prisoners’ ship with Raven, who told everyone there was an escape pod she would eventually use to return to Earth after her work was done. The problem? She lied. There’s no pod.

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