Netflix Boss Explains Lucifer Pick-Up, Everything Sucks! Axing and More

Lucifer Bonus Episode Cancelled

What the devil got into Netflix?

The decision to scoop up the cancelled Fox drama Lucifer for a fourth season came up during the streaming service’s Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday. “Lucifer is a fantastic show that has really resonated with audiences in parts of the world where we have licensed it,” Netflix vice president of original programming Cindy Holland told reporters, “so we felt it was important… to try to help that show continue for our fans.”

As for two other cancelled/ending genre-TV shows with passionate fans/#SaveViaHashtag campaigns, Holland said she was “not aware of any conversations” to ride to the rescue of either Shadowhunters (for which she receives “probably a hundred emails a day”) or Timeless.

Netflix also has cancelled shows of its own to answer for — including ’90s teen dramedy Everything Sucks!, which got the axe in April after just one season. “I’m really passionate about the show myself,” Holland revealed. “We take the cancellation decisions as personally as anybody.” But while the series “had a passionate and good audience coming in,” Holland explained that “there were far fewer people than average who were completing the season… The audience size really just wasn’t there.”

More highlights from Sunday’s Netflix executive session:

* The upcoming Debby Ryan beauty queen comedy Insatiable (debuting Aug. 10) is already facing backlash and accusations of fat-shaming based on the trailer, but Holland defended it, saying that creator Lauren Gussis “felt very strongly about exploring these issues, based on her own experiences, but in a satirical, over-the-top way.” Criticisms of fat-shaming are actually “embedded within the DNA of the show,” she added.

* “We certainly have given some thought to” a third season of the Aziz Ansari comedy Master of None, Holland confirms, but there’s no concrete news to share yet: “We would be happy to make another season… when Aziz is ready.”

* Netflix’s first breakout series House of Cards is now entering its sixth and final season — its first without star Kevin Spacey — but Holland sidestepped the controversy, insisting, “We’re really proud of the show.” She called the upcoming Season 6 “a fitting end… we had always planned for Season 6 to be the final season. I’m very proud of the work that Robin [Wright] and Michael [Kelly] and the entire cast and crew have done.”