Dietland Season 1 Finale Sneak Peek: 'This Is Our Fight'

Though it’s easy to forget in the world of Dietland — what with all of the rapists and abusers getting their due — most men are not the kind of guys that vigilante group Jennifer would feel the need to neutralize.

But Plum needs reminding of that fact, as we see in this exclusive clip from the AMC series’ Season 1 finale (Monday, 9/8c).

As the show’s heroine and Belle (Orange Is the New Black‘s Selenis Leyva) discuss a recent dream of Plum’s, Belle brings up her military service and mentions how her fellow servicemen “are just as screwed up as we are.” But that doesn’t get a lot of traction with Plum, who wonders why Belle is offering those guys a pass. “Women never get a pass!” Plum points out.

But after clarifying that the Jennifer member is certainly not letting all dudes off the hook, Belle maintains that the only reason some of the guys she served with haven’t joined the feminist fight is because “I never asked.”

Elsewhere in the season-ender, per the official synopsis, Plum’s “new mission is threatened by a sudden change of circumstance.”

Press PLAY on the video above to get a sneak peek at the episode, then hit the comments with your thoughts. 

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