Tom Arnold's Hunt for the Trump Tapes Docuseries to Premiere in September

Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold‘s televised efforts to take down POTUS will begin this fall.

Viceland announced Thursday that its upcoming docuseries The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold will premiere with a two-episode launch on Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 10:30 pm.

Described as a mash-up of All the President’s Men and Curb Your Enthusiasm, the series — which received an eight-episode order in May — follows Arnold in his attempts to uncover more incriminating footage of President Trump a la the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

“As Arnold’s potentially quixotic search among the powerful people who may have or know of these tapes unfolds, the series becomes a funhouse mirror snapshot of our current media and political landscape,” the official logline reads. “While the show is undoubtedly comedic in tone, Arnold remains steadfast in his belief that not only do some of these tapes exist, but they matter and need to be seen and heard.”

Arnold — who, of course, was once married to embattled Trump supporter Roseanne Barr — will tap into a variety of sources during his search, from Hollywood bigwigs like Judd Apatow to former Trump administration officials including Anthony Scaramucci. He also plans to pressure “powerful Hollywood players,” such as The Apprentice executive producer Mark Burnett, to release any damning recordings or information they may have on Trump.

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