Legacies Cast Teases Returning Characters, Hope's Fresh Start and More in Originals Spinoff — Watch

For longtime fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, watching The CW’s Legacies is going to feel like coming home.

The stars of the franchise’s latest spinoff — Danielle Rose Russell and Matt Davis, along with executive producer Julie Plec — dropped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con suite to offer a taste of what we can expect when the show premieres on Thursday, Oct. 25 (9/8c).

Recalled Plec, “I was in the Salvatore [School] set, which is no longer on the stage it was built on. We moved the whole building over, and now they’re rebuilding it from scratch. It’s just incredible to feel all the history in those walls and in that wood.”

For Davis, “it seemed to be a natural progression” to slip back into the role of Alaric Saltzman. “We love the world, we love the characters, we love everyone we work with and we love Atlanta,” he said. “Most of all, we love our fans who love these characters.” The only thing Davis and his co-stars aren’t on the same page about is how they should be referring to Legacies. He calls it a “trilogy,” implying that the show will bring the Vampire Diaries saga to a close, while Plec isn’t ready to commit to that. (“I thought of it as three of 10.”)

Given that many fan-favorite characters from the franchise still reside in Mystic Falls, where Legacies takes place, longtime fans can expect to see several familiar faces pop up this fall. As explained by Plec, “We’re integrating [classic characters] into these scripts, and when the scripts are done, we’ll call [the actors] and say, ‘Hey, do you want to come do this?'”

She continued, “There are already three names from the two shows in the first five scripts that we reference if not see. I don’t imagine the whole team will stop by, but Paul Wesley is going to direct an episode and he’s super excited about that. Were he not dead, he could probably also make a cameo.” (Note: This interview occurred before the show’s official panel, where Plec confirmed that we’ll see Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan and that Elena has a medical practice in Mystic Falls.)

Caroline Forbes (played by Candice King), who serves as headmistress of the school, is also expected to make an eventual appearance, though she’ll be “absent for mysterious reasons” when the show premieres.

Also discussed in TVLine’s interview: Alaric’s approach to raising twin teenage witches (“They’re a handful!”), Hope’s new love interest (“It’s nice for her to interact with someone on her maturity level”) and the time jump that will set the spinoff into motion.

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