Supernatural @ Comic-Con: Sam's New Leader Role, Fan Faves Return and More

Supernatural Spoilers

While Dean’s away, being the apocalypse-world archangel Michael, it’ll be up to his brother Sam to steer the ship when Supernatural returns for Season 14.

The younger Winchester “has taken on more of a leadership role” in his sibling’s absence, star Jared Padalecki previewed during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel on Sunday. “He’s kind of distracted. He hasn’t shaved in a little while. All of these [hunters from the other world] are under his watchful eye in the bunker. Sam without Dean, for however long that lasts, needs to take the cues and lessons he’s learned from Dean and pass them on to the apocalypse hunters. It’s a fun new part of Sam.”

Meanwhile, the Michael situation is “definitely a roll-up-his-trench-coat-sleeves moment for Cas,” his portrayer Misha Collins said. “He’s also taking Jack under his wing a little bit because he is struggling with some of the same things that Cas has gone through in the past.”

Speaking of Lucifer’s offspring, the new season has “been a little rough” for Jack, who’s now powerless, shared actor Alexander Calvert, adding that his character’s new human status is “a real adjustment” and “a struggle.”

Other highlights from the panel Q&A:

* The Michael storyline will ask, “What is his version of purifying the Earth?” executive producer Brad Buckner said. “He’s curious as to what humans want out of this.” As for Michael’s army, “he has to make due with what he has here” since there are no new angels. “Who’s he going to organize as his support unit? We’re going to see him do recruitment [for] Team Michael.”

* Will Dean make his presence known even while Michael is calling the shots? Unlikely. “Dean’s kind of sitting shotgun right now, while Michael is driving,” leading man Jensen Ackles said. Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb added that Dean’s “not really coming to the fore,” but some of his “mannerisms do seep out occasionally.”

* Of Michael’s very distinctive look, Ackles said, “There was some collaboration there. I threw out some ideas. I’m a big fan of the show Peaky Blinders. We’re not cut and pasting that, but definitely that kind of timeless look [is what] I was hoping to have for Michael.”

* Jody Mills will return, as will some other members of the Wayward Sisters family.

* The series will hit 300 episodes with Season 14’s 13th installment, which will be directed by executive producer Robert Singer. (Get plot scoop here.)

Supernatural Season 14 premieres on Thursday, Oct. 11, at 8/7c on The CW.