American Gods' Yetide Badaki Vows 'Everything You Loved Is There' in Season 2, Muses Outlander Visit

Recent behind-the-scenes changes at American Gods mean a new co-showrunner and new cast members, but star Yetide Badaki assures fans of the fantasy series that Season 2 will offer even more of the divine drama they love.

“The metaphor for me was that it was coming back to the same school, different class,” Badaki said in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite on Thursday.

The changes to which she alludes include Jesse Alexander’s joining as co-showrunner after co-creators/executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green left the show in November, reportedly over creative differences with Gods author/co-showrunner Neil Gaiman and budgetary issues with Fremantle, which produces the show.

In a previously released promo for the new season, Gaiman teased a “darker” and “more dangerous” Season 2 which will chronicle the war between the Old Gods and the New. Still, Badaki promises, “Everything you loved is there.”

We picked Badaki’s brain on all things Gods, including what it’s really like to roam around at House on the Rock, whether she and Ricky Whittle will share scenes this season and whether we’ll see her pull double duty in a Coming to America story like co-star Emily Browning did last season.

We also talked her new film project Wonderland, and then we brought up Outlander — of which Badaki is an avowed fan — and that’s when things got a little heated.

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