Emmys 2018: The Ultimate Binge Guide — How to Catch Up on 30 Nominees

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The countdown has officially begun, TV fans: After this week’s Emmy nominations, you now have 66 days until the Sept. 17 Emmy ceremony to catch up on all the best TV from the past year. And unless you have five sets of eyeballs, we’re betting you haven’t seen all of this year’s nominees yet. (Even we haven’t.)

We do have good news, though. In this streaming utopia we currently live in, it’s easy to find a nominee that interests you and consume every episode of it before the Emmys. You might discover a new favorite show — and at the very least, you’ll have someone new to root for on the big night. So we’ve compiled the ultimate Emmys binge guide: a list of all the nominated shows in major categories that you can watch in their entirety before the Emmys.

We settled on a guideline of one episode per day, so long-running nominees like Game of Thrones and The Americans are out, since there’s not enough time to watch every episode. But that still leaves plenty of shows that an intrepid TV viewer could zip through during these slow summer months. Check out the gallery above — or click here for direct access — to get the scoop on 30 nominated shows you can fully binge before Emmy night, including nomination totals, episode counts and (most importantly) where you can watch them. You’ll be an Emmy expert in no time.