Amy Sherman-Palladino Marvels at Mrs. Maisel's 14 Emmy Nods: 'Why Are They Letting Me Into the Club?!'

“This is ridiculous,” Amy Sherman-Palladino declares to TVLine just hours after her Amazon dramedy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, nabbed 14 Emmy nominations, including for Outstanding Comedy Series. “Why are they letting me into the club?!”

It’s a fair question considering it’s been nearly three decades since they (i.e. Emmy voters) gifted the Gilmore Girls auteur with her first and only Emmy nod (for co-writing a Season 4 episode of Roseanne). Below, AS-P took a few minutes away from shooting Mrs. Maisel’s upcoming second season to reflect on the series’ impressive Emmy haul, among other topics. 

TVLINE | So, you’re going to the Emmys.
I’m going to make such a scene. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What do you remember about your first date with Emmy in 1992?
I wore Vivienne Westwood. And we were up against, like, four Seinfelds and six Murphy Browns. And we lost immediately and then we had to sit there for six hours. It was a very overwhelming experience. It was my second year in the business and I was still like, “Do I still want to be a writer?”

TVLINE | And then you were overlooked for the entire run of Gilmore Girls
And Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop…

TVLINE | You joke about getting invited back to the club. How does it feel for the show to be honored with 14 nominations?
This is a very big show. If any one piece of this show falters, the whole thing crumbles in on itself. And we have so many unbelievably talented people here… and everyone is working at their highest possible level, so I’m really happy about that…But I never felt like you should judge your work or your job by how many parties you get to go to.

TVLINE | Do you still want to find a role for Lauren on Mrs. Maisel?
Yes. it’s got to be the right thing and it’s got to be worthy of her. I bow down to Lauren. I want to work with her again so badly, but it’s got to be the right thing.

TVLINE | Who is Zachary Levi playing in Season 2 of Mrs. Maisel?
He’s going to play someone very tall. I had no idea how tall Zachary Levi was until he showed up to the table read. He is a tall, strapping man.

TVLINE | Any news on a second Gilmore Girls revival?
There’s been absolutely no talk about it.

TVLINE | What are you going to do today to celebrate?
We’re working. I’m headed back on set right now.

TVLINE | Are you gonna at least put out some cupcakes?
I don’t know! [Laughs] I have 30 pages to bust out today before our table read on Tuesday!