Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Psych, Lucifer, Originals, Bold Type, Suits, Handmaid's, Younger, Casual, Killjoys and More!

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Question: Bummed to hear Psych: The Sequel is on hold, but excited that a second movie is in-the-works. Know anything about the plot? —Kevin
Ausiello: It’s bigger, it’s sillier, it’s… Lassiter-er. According to sources, Timothy Omundson — who, save for a brief cameo, sat out of the first movie for health reasons — is back in a big way in the second film (the script for which, I hear, has already been written). Fingers crossed this thing can get made during Team Rodill’s (Roday + Hill) respective hiatuses.

Question: Do you guys have anything on Lucifer? —Paola
Ausiello: Above and beyond Chloe’s hard-to-predict reaction to seeing Lucifer’s devil face, Season 4 (streaming on Netflix sometime in 2019) has other loose ends to tug at. “We left a lot of things dangling,” co-showrunner Joe Henderson reminds. “Dan blames Lucifer for Charlotte’s death…. Ella’s having a crisis of faith…. Is Amenadiel coming back? We wanted to leave a lot of questions in the air.”

Question: I just wanted to say, I love you. As for my question, is there anything you can give me on Midnight, Texas or American Horror Story? —Jason
Ausiello: I have nothing on either Midnight, Texas or American Horror Story, but I nonetheless included your question because I think it’s important for the world to know that I am loved.

Question: Anything you can tease about ‘Darvey’ in the upcoming season of Suits? — Anna
Ausiello: There is zero fallout from that whole Paula/Harvey/Donna kerfuffle in Season 8’s first two episodes (premiering Wednesday, July 18). But when Katherine Heigl’s Samantha Wheeler name-checks Donna in an argument with Harvey, he makes it very clear that that’s a surefire way to end up on his bad side.

Question: Nicky’s a goner on Animal Kingdom, right? —Marc
Ausiello: I can neither confirm nor deny that Molly Gordon’s character dies of her self-inflicted gunshot wound. However, I can tell you that you’ll learn the troubled teen’s fate in Tuesday’s “Low Man” (TNT, 9/8c), which also includes hookups galore and a power play that the player is certain to regret much sooner than later.

Question: You got any info about Scream Season 3? Are we never gonna seen it? —Kai
Ausiello: I was beginning to wonder if the new season had gone the way of Heathers (i.e this is not the best climate for a show involving violence, young people and a school setting to exist in). But a source maintains that Season 3 will air, most likely later this year.

Question: Any chance for some scoop on Madam Secretary? —Nancy
Ausiello: One of Elizabeth’s trusted staffers might be looking for another job when the show returns this fall.

Question: Emmy Rossum tweeted “One more season to come” at the end of last season, and just last week Cameron Monaghan tweeted about the “swan song” for his character. Is Shameless wrapping up? —Catherine
Ausiello: Despite appearances, Shameless‘ upcoming ninth season is not necessarily its last. Per a Showtime rep, no decision has been made about an end date (nor is the cabler confirming talk of extra episodes being added to the coming run).

Question: Please tell me you have spoilers about my fav (non) couple on Younger, Charles and Liza? We all know they belong together, but the promos for this season look very angsty. Any idea in which ep they’ll finally seal the deal? —Zosia
Ausiello: Charles and Liza’s coupling may feel inevitable, Zosia, but it won’t be happening this week. In fact, Tuesday’s episode is completely devoid of any interactions between the more-than-coworkers. But it’s funny you should mention things getting “angsty,” as the episode finds Josh at a particularly dramatic crossroads — both in his professional life and in his relationship with Liza.

Question: My wife and I are devastated about the cancellation of People of Earth. Any chance Netflix — or another outlet — will save this wonderful, delightful show. —Steve
Ausiello: Zero chance, sadly.

Question: Any scoop on Wynonna Earp‘s Christmas episode? —Serena
Ausiello: This year’s Christmas episode “is definitely one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever done. Even if it is due to air sometime in August!” says showrunner Emily Andras, with a nod to Season 3’s July 20 premiere date. “As expected, an Earp Christmas is anything but traditional — the only thing you can count on is heavily rummed-up eggnog, and an anything-but-festive demon. Still, what better time than the holidays to speak the truth and ask for what you really want, whether it’s a chance to play Santa or a passionate kiss under the mistletoe?”

Question: According to Julie Plec and various interviews, Alaric is making an appearance in The Originals penultimate episode. Can you give us any scoop on his upcoming appearance? I’ll take anything you can give us. I’m going through withdrawals here! —Anna
Julie Plec speaks the truth, Anna. The talented Mr. Saltzman will return in the show’s penultimate (good word, by the way!) episode, which is partially set at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted in Mystic Falls. We’ll also get to spend more time with Caroline there, though it won’t be the happy reunion you’re probably hoping for; Klaus returns to his old stomping grounds seeking help for Hope, whose life hangs in the balance. (She may be the focus of the franchise’s next installment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t worry about her.)

Question: Next week’s Bold Type promo is hinting at major Kat/Adena angst! How long will that last? —Marissa
Ausiello: No clue! Would you settle for a piece of Season 3 prattle instead? The show is casting a new twentysomething male character whose arrival at Scarlett will immediately set off gaydars far and wide. The twist? Dude’s straight. And he has his sights set on [spoiler].

Question: Do you have any Killjoys scoop? I would love some news about one of my favorite summer shows! —Alamin
Ausiello: Matt Mitovich actually screened the Season 4 premiere (airing July 20), and he reports that it is “ridiculously entertaining,” toggling back and forth between Dutch, Aneela and Khlyen’s crisis in the Greenspace and a rip-roaring flashback to Dutch and Johnny’s early, pre-Killjoy adventures — including their first encounters with Hills, Pree and Turin.

This AAnd That…
INSTINCT: Lizzie may be getting a new love interest. And he may be ex-military. And he may be super-hot. And he may recur throughout Season 2.
BLIND ITEM: A major character whose life was left hanging in the balance in the finale of an hour-long drama on one of the five broadcast networks is definitely, 100 percent dead. Oh, and he/she is represented in one of these slides.
HANDMAID’S TALE: There’s a slap in the first 15 minutes of next week’s finale that made Kim Roots gasp out loud. I know this to be true because I shushed her. (Fun fact about yours truly: I have zero tolerance for office noise of any kind. Andy Swift sneezed once and he got a 15-minute time out.)
CASUAL: Could the Hulu comedy’s official final-season press release be any more spoilery? Check it: “Season 4 starts several years in the future, and much has happened since we last saw our characters at the end of season three: Alex and Rae are raising a child, Laura is returning from her time abroad with a new job and serious girlfriend, and Valerie is about to make a big life change of her own. The technology may be streamlined, but the relationships are messier than ever.”

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