The Flash's Mystery Girl Has Made a 'Big Mistake' — What Happens Next?

Flash Season 5 Nora Daughter

TVLine hits rewind on the TV season’s biggest “What Happens Next?” finales, then invites you to predict the cliffhanger outcomes.

The Flash may have double-secret officially confirmed Mystery Girl’s well-speculated identity at the close of the Season 4 finale, but that has only spawned more questions.

As many theorized, the young woman (played by new series regular Jessica Parker Kennedy) who flitted in and out of a handful of scenes over the course of the season is indeed Barry and Iris’ yet-to-be-conceived daughter, Nora, visiting us from the future. (Before making the trip, it appears she borrowed a memorable jacket from Mom!) What Nora went on to say, about a “big mistake” she fears she made, got us curious, for sure. But in retrospect, some aspects of her previous appearances don’t quite add up — or at least not yet.

For example:

⚡️ During her very first appearance (at the start of last year’s crossover event), why did Nora suggest to Barry that his wedding would be “one for the ages” — and that she was “happy [she] got to see it” —  if, being from the future and all, she would have known that the ceremony would get interrupted by Earth-X Nazis and go horribly sideways? (Similarly, why did she firmly remind Barry to say “I do,” when she would have known that fumbled vows would not be an issue?)

⚡️ At the close of her third appearance, why did Nora’s face turn all serious when she revealed to viewers that her nervously anticipated “meeting” at Jitters was in fact with Caitlin and Harry?

⚡️  In her fourth appearance, to deliver a baby gift to Joe and Cecile, why did Nora purposely speed away before Iris could see her? When she had no issue with Barry or anyone else laying eyes on her?

All of that brings us to the “What Happens Next?” poll, jumping off of what Nora said at the very end of the season finale after introducing herself to Barry and Iris. Rewatch the scene below, then vote in the poll: