Power Stars Tease 'Dangerous' Dre, Jail-Bound Tasha (?) in Season Premiere

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You’d think that seeing your sister shot dead, then murdering her killer and scrambling to clean up the aftermath might be enough to make a teenager reconsider his choices in life.

Ehhh, not if you’re Power‘s Tariq.

The Starz drama returns for Season 5 Sunday (8/7c) and plunges viewers right back into the aftermath of Raina’s death, starting with Ghost and Tasha’s continued, frantic efforts to distance their teenage son from Ray Ray’s murder.

Power Season 5 PreviewWhile we’re not at liberty to divulge much about the premiere, you can probably guess that right from the start of the season, Tariq doesn’t make things very easy for his folks. “Usually, if kids make decisions, adult decisions for themselves, they’re going to make the wrong decisions,” series star/executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson tells TVLine. Then again, EP Courtney Kemp points out, Ghost, Tasha and Tommy don’t ever think to include ‘Riq in their plans, despite the fact that the boy clearly knows his dad isn’t quite the upstanding businessman he purports to be. So the kid looks for guidance elsewhere.

“I think the thing that Kanan has, as an advantage on everyone else, is that he sees Tariq as part of the plan,” she adds.

But keeping Tariq out of jail is just one small part of Season 5’s sprawling storyline — legal or illegal, baby, they gotta make it. For scoop on the rest, we recently sat down with Jackson, Kemp and cast members Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora, La La Anthony and Rotimi. Read on for a taste of what’s in store for:

GHOST | As we saw in last season’s finale, James St. Patrick has a very unlikely partner in literal crime this season: Kanan, his former enemy (and wayback mentor). Even though until very recently Kanan was gunning to take Ghost out, Hardwick says K’s understanding of the situation — wanting to avenge a child’s death — as well as the older man’s bond with Tariq is sufficient to keep them all safe… for now, at least. “I think he’s got a level of empathy that Tommy and I can trust enough,” Hardwick says, “if we keep him at a distance and keep Dre as his focal point.”

Power Season 5 Spoilers Omari Hardwick InterviewTOMMY | Ghost’s right-hand man continues to build relationships with his father’s Italian crew, but not everyone thinks that’s a great idea. Those considerations, though, are pushed to the side as Ghost, Kanan and Tommy figure out how to make Dre pay for his role in Raina’s death. “Season 5 reflects just how important the action is and how high the stakes really are,” Sikora says, “especially between Tommy trying to regain his network and Dre trying to not only keep his network but capitalize on what he has and go further, take over, get everybody else out of the way and be Number 1.”

Power Season 5 SpoilersANGELA | “The fun bomb this season is [Ghost] doesn’t know Tasha and I were working together,” Loren says, smiling. She’s referring, of course, to the matter of that pesky bullet that the police found in Ray Ray’s wall — the one Ghost & Co. thought they had recovered after cleaning up the crime scene. If Angela thought that a promotion and some distance from her former lover might help her clean up her image, a dilemma she encounters in the first few minutes of the premiere is likely to change her mind. Bright side? We get to watch Loren and Naughton’s Tasha share a bunch of scenes this season. “Tasha is super, super street smart… in a different way, equally bright as Angela,” Hardwick notes. “So the two of them colliding, with their brains, is going to be fascinating to watch.”

Power Season 5 SpoilersTASHA | “I honestly don’t know how Tasha is dealing” with Raina’s loss, Naughton says. “There’s a few episodes where she really still can’t quite pull it together, although she’s trying to.” In the middle of the season, though, “she becomes angry, and then she’s like, ‘OK, I’ve got to protect my son. At the end of the day, she’s focused on how not to let that happen again. So whatever she has to do to make sure the rest of her children don’t suffer, she’s willing to do it — even go to jail for Tariq.”

Power Season 5 SpoilersDRE | Rotimi says his up-and-coming power player isn’t afraid of Ghost, Tommy and Kanan, but he’s fine with them thinking he is. “That’s what makes him so dangerous,” the actor adds. “He knows, ‘OK, these people are all coming for me, so now I have to retaliate and level up even more on them.’ He’s just very calculated.” After all, Ghost’s former connect learned from the best, right? “He moves the way Ghost would move. Ghost wouldn’t be afraid of anything. Tommy wouldn’t be afraid of anything,” Rotimi explains. “It’s more, ‘Now, how do I react to it?'”

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