Corey Lewandowski Refuses to Apologize for Perceived Mocking of Immigrant Girl With Down Syndrome

Lewandowski Down Syndrome

Corey Lewandowski returned to Fox News on Wednesday, just hours after his perceived mocking of an immigrant child with Down syndrome who was separated from her mother. But rather than apologize for his on-air remarks, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager doubled down on his position.

When asked if he felt he owed “an apology of any sort” to the viewers for “overlooking an individual when there are so many affected by this,” he replied with the following:

“An apology? I owe an apology to the children whose parents are putting them in a position that is forcing them to be separated. We owe an apology to Jamiel Shaw, and Brian Terry, and Kate Steinle’s family, who have allowed those individuals to be killed by illegal aliens. The American people owe an apology to those people.”

For those who missed Lewandowski’s initial appearance, he got into a heated exchange with Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas during Tuesday’s episode of The Story With Martha MacCallum. When Petkanas recalled the heartbreaking tale of a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome being separated from her mother as a result of Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration, Lewandowski replied with a “womp-womp.”

Lewandowski now claims that he wasn’t targeting the girl, saying, “My comment was specifically about Zac trying to politicize the use of children as a political football in this discussion.”

Click here to watch video of Lewandowski’s latest appearance on Fox News.