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Jeremy Jordan Addresses Winn's Future on Supergirl: 'I'm Once Again Ready to Begin a New Chapter in My Life'

Jeremy Jordan Leaving Supergirl

Fate may be taking Winn Schott away from present-day National City, but Jeremy Jordan wants to assure Supergirl fans that they haven’t seen the last of their “favorite little cardigan-wearing Hobbit.”

As TVLine exclusively reported last week, Jordan will no longer be a series regular when the CW drama returns for its fourth season this fall — Monday’s finale sent his character on a journey to the distant future — but in an emotional Instagram post on Tuesday, the actor promises, “This is not goodbye.”

“Although you may not see him putting around the DEO every week, I love everyone in National City too much to stay away forever,” Jordan writes. “Winn WILL return in season 4.”

Jordan also offers an explanation behind his shift in status: “It’s been the adventure of a lifetime, and breathing life into that brilliant, quirky, puppy dog nugget named Winn has been a true joy. But lately, my gut has ben telling me that I’m once again ready to begin a new chapter in my life… and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that you gotta listen to your gut. So I want to thank everyone behind the scenes at Supergirl for understanding it was time for me to return home… to spend time with my wife and friends, and focus on crafting the next stage of my career.”

In case you’re behind on your Supergirl news, Jordan is one of several actors facing a status change as we approach Season 4. In addition to Jesse Rath (aka Brainy) joining the show as a series regular, neither Chris Wood nor Odette Annable are slated to return. Supergirl giveth… and Supergirl taketh away.

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