The Ranch Part 5 Premiere Recap: Colt and Rooster Deal With Pipeline Fallout

Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Part 5 premiere of The Ranch. Looking for our previous recap? Click here.

(Note: On Dec. 5, 2017, Danny Masterson was fired by Netflix. Because of The Ranch‘s accelerated production schedule, Masterson still appears in all 10 new episodes. To find out how he’s written out in the Part 5 finale, click here.)

The Ranch Part 5 premiere picks up immediately where things left off. Colt and Rooster have just purchased Old Man Peterson’s ranch, using Iron River’s operating money for the rest of the year. Engineer Jen then arrives to give the brothers the bad news: Rocky Mountain Natural Gas has pulled out of the pipeline deal, meaning the Bennetts won’t recoup the money spent on the newly acquired land.

After Jen leaves, Colt and Rooster make their way over to see Peterson, hoping he’ll let them out of their deal. Once he tells them it’s too late, the brothers go with Plan B: Rooster phones Rich at Neumann’s Hill and sees if his former employer is interested in buying Peterson’s land directly from them. Rich comes back with a lowball offer, knowing full well they wouldn’t be selling unless they were in a bind.

The brothers return home to give Beau and Maggie the bad news. Colt attempts to make excuses, but a furious Beau, who’s tried to stay calm following his heart surgery, leaps up from the table and declares “bulls—t! … I worked this ranch my whole life, and I’m gone for two days and you bring it to its g—amn knees. I would have been better off if I’d died on that f—king table.” After Beau and Maggie exit, Rooster and Colt get into an argument of their own Rooster claims the whole thing is Colt’s fault, and says the family would have been better off if he’d never come home once his football career ended.

Elsewhere in the episode…

* With her business in Garrison now done, Jen and Rooster decide to end their four day-long relationship. Rooster tells Jen to give him a call if she’s ever back in town, but something tells me this is the last time they’ll be seeing each other. 

* Almost immediately after getting to Denver, Abby buys a pregnancy test. If you want to know the results, click here. 

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