Nashville Trailer: [Spoiler] Is Pregnant, and... Is That Who We Hope It Is?

Look, we’re not saying that the blurry, vaguely female figure Deacon sees in this trailer for the final episodes of Nashville is Rayna.

But we also can’t confirm that it isn’t.

And while it’s unlikely that Connie Britton will return for the CMT series’ swan song, Deke sure looks at someone in the new video and incredulously asks, “Is this real?”

But that’s not the biggest bombshell from the promo, released Wednesday ahead of the drama’s return on Thursday (9/8c). We’ve got two reasons to celebrate in the back half of the season: Juliette is finally aware that the Movement for Coherent Philosophy is a cult holding her against her will (!), and she’s pregnant (!!).

Knowing that Cadence’s little sibling is growing in her belly seems to give Ms. Barnes the extra fire she needs to liberate herself. Because, as she tells Rosa, a new character played by Alias alum Mia Maestro, “I’m not goin’ down without a fight.”

Ju’s renewed fighting spirit comes at precisely the right time, too; as we see elsewhere in the video — and as previous trailers have hinted — Avery and Alannah are deep into the canoodling stage of their flirtation, and Gunnar is not amused.

Meanwhile, Brad looks like he might just be the creator of a #MeToo situation, Maddie threatens to move out, Will’s bill of health is not so clean, and Deacon’s father Gideon (played by St. Elsewhere vet Ronny Cox) arrives in town, much to Deke’s dismay.

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