Roseanne Cancelled: 5 Ways the Show Could Continue Without Its Star

Given the ugliness, racism and general insanity surrounding the cancellation of Roseanne, it’s safe to assume that ABC won’t be reversing its decision and bringing the revival back for its once-promised Season 11. Nor would we want it to — at least not as it was.

It’s a shame that, in Roseanne Barr’s own words, “hundreds of people and wonderful writers … and talented actors … lost their jobs on my show due to my stupid tweet.” If only there were a way for all those hard-working people to get their jobs back without having to reinstate the show’s racist star.

Wait… Didn’t the revival’s first season end with Roseanne making plans to have knee surgery? A cursory Google search will tell you that this is an extremely low-risk procedure, but since television isn’t beholden to things like “logic,” we could make a case for something going wrong on the operating table, paving the way for a Barr-less Roseanne. (Of course, the title would have to change, but we’ve got ideas.)

And lest you think this can’t work, just look at the excitement surrounding the final season of House of Cards, which will shift its focus to Robin Wright’s character after accusations of sexual misconduct were brought against former star Kevin Spacey.

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