The Good Fight Holds Private Screening of Trump's Alleged 'Pee Tape' (Watch)

The forecast for Sunday’s The Good Fight calls for, ahem, “golden showers.”

In another ripped-from-the-headlines political plot, the CBS All Access drama delves into Trump’s alleged “pee tape” in Sunday’s episode when Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart receive a mysterious USB flash drive labeled “P.P.”  (As unproven legend has it, President Donald Trump allegedly once hired prostitutes to urinate on a Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel bed that former POTUS Barack Obama and his wife Michelle once slept in — and the Russians have footage of it.)

The anonymous package containing the drive arrives at the firm after a Russian student, who claims to be one of the women in the footage, seeks out Diane’s help to fight deportation. Now that the lawyers have the infamous goods, it’s time for them to hold a private screening and find out if the woman is telling the truth. As previewed in the exclusive video above, Adrian slowly inserts the USB into his laptop, hits “play” and a golden glow begins emitting from the screen while he watches alongside Marissa and Julius.

“Is it…?” Diane hesitantly asks from the other side of the desk. The look on her colleagues’ faces is all the answer she needs about the tape’s validity.

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Press PLAY above to watch the scene, then hit the comments your thoughts on the “golden” moment. New episodes of The Good Fight debut Sundays at 3 am ET/midnight PT on the streaming platform CBS All Access.