The Good Fight: To Help Impeach Trump, How Low Did the Firm Go?

Good Fight Trump Impeachment Episode

This Sunday on The Good Fight, Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart was one of 10 firms eyed by the DNC to help pursue the impeachment of President Trump — if that time comes. How “low” did the partners have to “go” to stay in the running?

Margo Martindale guest-starred as Ruth Eastman, a DNC representative who pulled the firm’s partners into a top-secret and highly confidential pow-wow, where it was explained that if the Dems win the House and Senate this fall, they want to be ready to seek Trump’s impeachment. In such a scenario, what specific plan of attack would the firm suggest?

To start, Adrian recommends focusing on emoluments — how Trump has financially benefited from foreign powers while in office. Diane, meanwhile, would prefer to zero in on obstruction. Julius, having voted for Trump, chooses to play “devil’s advocate,” while Liz is silent to begin with — until she launches into a jaw-dropping monologue about how when working for the DOJ, she was perhaps privy to a behind-the-scenes Apprentice tape where Trump mocked black women… and rape charges filed against Trump by a 14-year-old Miss Teen USA contestant… and a story about Trump in a threesome with two porn stars.

Thing is, Liz is perhaps lying about it all, to make a point. That the pursuit of impeachment needs to be “shameless,” that it’s not about truth versus lying but who’s backtracking versus attacking. Liz’s passionate stance sends the firm into the next round of consideration.

At the next gathering, Adrian sides with Diane, saying that obstruction speaks to Trump’s self-serving nature, and who he is at heart. Julius concurs… but Diane now has changed her mind. She says she is tired of “When they go low, we go high” — instead, we need to go “lower,” she argues. “Lies persuade,” she says, and frankly she is “tired” of being the “compliant” adult when the fact is 3 million more people voted for Trump’s opponent. The partners question Diane’s eruption, but she makes clear that she has a Smith & Wesson in her desk and she is about ready to “take to the streets,” so frustrated is she with the “bad reality show” they have been living with for 450 days.

That outburst — which Diane later confided to Adrian was perhaps just for show — combined with the removal of Julius from the equation gets the firm into the final round. That’s where Eastman lets slip that the rival firm is more “staid and white-shoed,” so it’d behoove Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart to act more… “street.” So in the next debate, Adrian and Liz play that part, with Diane cast as the white peacekeeper. The end result? Liz is chosen from the firm to be a part of the Avengers-like legal team the DNC is assembling.

The A-story concluded with a Schoolhouse Rock-style song about impeachment, featuring cameos by a cartoon POTUS. “Tiny hands will scratch and claw, but nobody’s above the law” is a sample of the pointed (but educational!) lyrics.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Lucca realized that Colin is running for congress — and already, her “pregnant black woman” status has been broadcast on Twitter. She replies by refuting the “Sally Hemings” comparison that had been made, tacking on a “#MoreLikeMichelle” hashtag, and  immediately begins trending. After seeing her social media stature get her back a client who had quit over her alleged “mood swings,” Lucca herself uses it to lay down some ground rules with Colin’s campaign manager about what’s to come.

* Maia and Amy went out with Marissa and her boyfriend, though the night got cut short when the latter got into fisticuffs with a dude who was sneaking upskirt pics. The whole ordeal rubbed Amy the wrong way, to the point that she made clear to Maia her disinterest in another double date. So when Marissa invited them out dancing the next night, Maia went stag — but soonenough bumped into Carine, the DNC staffer she had “met cute”with earlier. Some dirty dancing led to a liplock, and then some backseat Uber groping… until Carine got called back to the firm late at night. As Eastman gave Liz the good word, Carine and Maia resumed their romp… in the conference room, with the DNC’s cameras still plugged in!

What did you think of the episode “Day 450”?


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