Drag Race Recap: Which Warring Queens Made Peace... For Now?

RuPaul's Drag Race Recap

RuPaul’s Drag Race was dripping with poetic justice on Thursday — and with pickle juice, but that’s a whole other thing.

Following her explosive exchange with Eureka during last week’s Untucked, The Vixen entered the next phase of the competition with a fresh game plan: “Eureka needs attention, so instead of giving her a lot of negative attention, I’m just going to ignore her — and that’s going to drive her crazy.” (Little did Vixen know, it would also light a fire under Eureka’s “sexy baby” ass.)

This week’s mini challenge required the queens to drag up the contents of some “government-issued duffel bags and transform yourselves into an army of fierce drag queens.” And transform they did, with “Private Vixen” emerging as the winner. According to her character breakdown, “she enlisted in the drag army to defend resting bitch faces and wide-awake bitch faces. When she’s on leave, she spends time snatching wigs, rolling her eyes and cashing checks.” Yeah, I think that tracks.

This week’s maxi challenge found the queens pairing off and appearing as “crazy-ass guests” on the brand-new daytime talk show Bossy Rossy, starring none other than Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Ross Mathews. As the mini challenge winner, Vixen got to choose her own partner (Asia O’Hara) before hand-selecting the other three teams. And she took a lot of pleasure out of putting her enemies together last, declaring, “I guess that leaves Eureka and Aquaria!”

But that moment — like, that exact moment — is when Vixen’s luck ran out and the scales of fate became dramatically tipped in Eureka’s favor. Simply put, Vixen’s appearance on Bossy Rossy was a damn disaster; she literally ran off the stage at the end, leaving poor Asia sitting there wondering what to do next. It only makes it more embarrassing that their whole schtick was intended as a spoof on Aquaria’s feud with Miz Cracker.

Eureka, meanwhile, stole the show as the gorgeous grown-up baby you see at the top of this recap. “I’ve decided to be completely nude as an homage to body positivity,” she explained. I’m shaped like a fat baby already, so why not give them, like, legit fat sexy baby?” Aquaria held her own in the sketch, but as Mathews pointed out, “Eureka was the headliner.”

With Mayhem Miller serving as mediator, Eureka and Vixen eventually made peace in the workroom while they got themselves ready for the runway. After bonding over their difficult pasts and shared aggressions, Vixen acknowledged, “My damage next to Eureka’s damage does not mix well.” In lieu of a hug or handshake (Vixen made it clear that she didn’t want any “physical confirmation”), the queens agreed to “move forward” civilly.

Come runway time, Vixen thought she wowed the judges with her “cowgirl-inspired mermaid dress,” but was disappointed to find herself in this week’s bottom three — and had an even worse time watching Eureka crowned the winner. (My, how the tables have turned!)

With Vixen sent to safety, Monet X Change and Mayhem Miller faced off to the tune of Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” Sadly for Mayhem, not even a last-minute cartwheel could save her from sashaying away.

Your thoughts on this week’s elimination? Eureka and Vixen’s temporary ceasefire? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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