Riverdale Musical Photos: Cheryl Plays Carrie, Betty and Archie Get Close

It’s probably a good thing Riverdale is taking a couple weeks off before unveiling its musical episode… because we’re going to need some time to prepare ourselves.

The CW has released a slew of tantalizing first-look photos from the April 18 episode (8/7c), which sees Cheryl Blossom starring in Riverdale High’s production of Carrie: The Musical. And she looks pretty perfect in her prom gown and tiara — it’s just a shame what’s about to happen to it.

The episode features the cast singing 11 selections from the off-Broadway adaptation of the Stephen King horror classic — except for Jughead, who grabs a camera instead and captures behind-the-scenes footage for a documentary. Kevin serves as the musical’s director, with Serpent newcomer Fangs Fogarty as his co-director, and they’re clearly sticking with the original time period, with the kids decked out in ’70s-style bell bottom jeans and feathered Farrah Fawcett hair.

Will the musical cause some tension within the show’s romantic pairings, though? Because Betty and Archie are cast to play golden couple Sue and Tommy, and look to be getting awfully close in a few of these photos. Could these roles reignite a spark between the next-door neighbors? And will Archie’s girlfriend Veronica, playing mean-girl antagonist Chris, start feeling mean herself?

Check out the gallery above for a sneak peek at Riverdale‘s musical episode — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments with your early predictions.

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