SNL: Robert Mueller Can't Commit to Collusion in Bachelor Break-Up Spoof

If you thought this week’s Bachelor breakup was tough to watch… this week’s SNL cold open might be even tougher. (Especially if you’re not a fan of President Trump.)

Saturday’s opening sketch spoofed the infamous breakup seen in The Bachelor‘s season finale, but imagined special counsel Robert Mueller — played by Kate McKinnon — as the Bachelor, breaking the news to “Becca” (Cecily Strong) that he’s not sure he can prove collusion in the Donald Trump case: “I think I need to explore the possibility that I might have a stronger case with some other stuff… I can’t commit to collusion right now.”

Becca, obviously not a Trump supporter, was devastated: “You indicted 13 Russians! Everything that happened in the Seychelles, that means nothing?” (This all played out with the same uncomfortable split-screen The Bachelor used, by the way.) “The more time that goes by, the more that I keep thinking about obstruction,” Mueller admitted, sending Becca into tears.

Mueller and Becca had the same awkward goodbye as The Bachelor‘s Arie and Becca did, too, with Mueller agreeing to leave and then lurking around anyway while Becca sobbed. “So I have to wait two more years for him to be out of office?” she asked. “Honestly, probably six,” he replied.

But Mueller did have some good news for Becca: “The Kush is cooked — and also, you’re the next Bachelorette!” At least that seemed to cheer her up.

Press PLAY above to watch this week’s SNL cold open, then hit the comments with your thoughts. (For a full recap of the episode, click here.)

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