RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Recap: 'It's Not Over 'Til the Fat Lady Twerks'

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

The drama of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars may have peaked with last week’s self-elimination, but Thursday’s episode still gave ’em something to gag about.

Picking up immediately after BenDeLaCreme’s departure, there was a whole lot of confusion in the workroom. Naturally, the queens speculated about Ben’s decision (“The process was getting too much for her,” quoth BeBe Zahara Benet), leading Morgan McMichaels to wonder if she was only brought back because Ben felt guilty about eliminating her in the first place.

Either way, BeBe used the chaos to her advantage. Under the guise of restoring “peace” to the game, she refused to reveal which queen she planned to send home, nor would she say which eliminee she would have brought back had she won the lip sync battle against Ben. Even worse, she claimed that her silence was “out of respect” for Ben, though Shangela saw right through that noise, calling BeBe the Cersei to her Daenerys.

Following a visit from Nancy Pelosi (always a pleasure, Nance!), the five remaining queens were assigned “award-winning female characters” — including “busty whistleblower” Sharon Frokovich and Actavia, the “maid-turned-rocket scientist who doesn’t take crap from anyone” — in what was billed as the “raunchiest girl comedy blockbuster of all time.” The title? My Best Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaid’s Wedding Trip, of course.

As is always the case when a challenge involves casting, several of the queens were disappointed with their roles — especially BeBe, who didn’t understand why she was cast as the “uptight” queen. Ironically, director Ross Mathews’ main problem with her performance was that she was too “stiff” and not acting big enough. (Shady Shangela called it “just BeBe doing BeBe.”)

And while we’re critiquing the ladies’ performances, Morgan’s confusing, disastrous take on the role of Beige Swan further proved why she was brought back: because Ben felt sorry for her. Even if she hadn’t been eliminated first, there’s no way Morgan would still be in the competition at this point.

On the flip side, Shangela and Trixie Mattel — who both wowed the judges, including guests Chris Colfer and Garcelle Beauvais — finished on top before battling it out to the tune of RuPaul’s “Freaky Money.” Clad in the most glorious fat (stripper?) suit I’ve ever seen, Shangela emerged victorious, choosing to send home… Morgan. (Again.)

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