Supergirl Recap: Purity Strikes! (Plus, Whose Romance Is on the Rocks?)

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl, the last episode before its nine-week break, changed everything — including the way I feel about Lisa Loeb.

The indie rocker provided the soundtrack for this week’s opening scene, with Purity (aka “Julia Freeman”) singing along to “Stay” when Supergirl & Co. barged into her house. Once Purity was securely in the DEO’s custody, Kara and Alex played a quick game of Good Cop, Bad Cop — or Hopeful Cop, Cynical Cop — with Kara attempting to appeal to Purity’s humanity… and Alex threatening to blow her brains out.

It wasn’t until Purity escaped from the DEO and declared war on National City that Alex began to see the value in Kara’s method, convincing “Julia” to fight long enough to release Supergirl from Purity’s deadly grip.

But just when it seemed like the battle was over, Reign showed up — damn her impeccable timing! — and threatened to kill Alex, inspiring one last act of heroism: In exchange for Alex’s safety, Julia surrendered to her fellow Worldkiller, allowing for her awakening to begin. (Editor’s note: love what Krys Marshall is doing with Purity. She’s an incredible addition to this show.)

Meanwhile, J’onn and Mon-El spent the hour bonding, with the Martian Manhunter finally getting the former Prince of Daxam to admit what’s been eating him: “Being back here … I’ve had to keep a distance from Kara, because whenever I’m around her, these old feelings get stirred up. And I have to hide it from Imra.”

It turns out Imra’s marriage to Mon-El is one of convenience. When they first formed the Legion of Super-Heroes, they needed to inspire unity between planets — and what better way to do that than with a legal union? Still, “Our pretend marriage became real,” he explained. “I grew to love her.”

Mon-El and his wife eventually spoke towards the end of the episode, with Imra asking him straight-up if he’s still in love with Kara. “I don’t know,” he admitted, at which point she thanked him for his honesty — then told him it was time he knew the real purpose of the Legion’s mission. (Say what?)

Alex also had some relationship problems to work through this week, telling Kara that she still has Maggie on speed dial and that she’s too “scared” and “weak” to delete her.

Odds and Ends:

* Was anyone else surprised when Lena told Sam, “Everyone knows how good you are at your job”? Like, I was under the impression she’s been skipping conferences and disappearing in the middle of the day with no notice, but sure.

* Speaking of Lena, did anyone else think Sam was going to go nuts and throw her out the window in that final scene? She got lucky.

* Forgive me if this sounds completely insane, but I never pass up an opportunity to theorize: Could the mysterious third Worldkiller be… Kara?

Your thoughts on Monday’s winter finale (of sorts)? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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