iZombie Season 4 Trailer: Wait, Did We Just Learn Ravi's Fate?

iZombie‘s Ravi gets a little peckish in this new Season 4 trailer… and we think we may just have learned the efficacy of his zombie vaccine.

You’ll remember that the scientist had Liv scratch him at the end of Season 3 in order to test how well his solution to the undead epidemic worked. Given that Ravi is shown chowing down on a juicy brain in this sneak peek at the series’ return, we’re going to go ahead and say that he should probably refine the formula.

Elsewhere in the spot, everyone adjusts to the idea of “New Seattle,” Major leads a team in preventing the formation of zombie street gangs, black-market brains are in demand and Liv contemplates a new gig “licking the brain bowl” at a factory. Lovely.

“It’s pretty tense,” executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright told TVLine at Comic-Con last summer. “When it was first revealed [that] there were zombies, there was a mass exodus. But the people that were left behind with the zombies are now walled in, so now you have people who are afraid for their lives and unable to get out, and then you have people on the opposite end of the wall who are like, ‘Oh, there’s people in there that can scratch us and make us live if we’re sick? We want to get in there.’ It just creates this more dramatic backdrop for our stories.”

iZombie returns on Monday, Feb. 26. Press PLAY on the video above to get your first look.

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