Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Title Options: The Good, the Bad and the Really Silly

greys anatomy spinoff title options poll

Ordinarily, TVLine isn’t big on name-calling. But since ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy spinoff is actually looking for a name, we’re willing to make an exception in its case.

Although the series was announced back in May 2017, it still doesn’t have a title. We know its premise, cast and premiere date (Thursday, March 22). We know that Ellen Pompeo will serve as a co-executive producer. We even know that its firefighting protagonists hang their helmets at Station 19, just three blocks down from Grey Sloan Memorial.

But the drama’s title? Nope. That remains a, ahem, burning question. All we know about that is that it isn’t going to be Seattle Fire. (Damn you, Dick Wolf!)

Of course, we do have some ideas about what the drama could be named. And, between you guys and the Internet in general, we’ve read enough suggestions to fill a whole weekly TV schedule. For instance:

• Anatomy of a Fire
• Blaze Anatomy
• Fire and Rain
• Firehouse 19
• Grey’s Anatomy: Code 3
• Grey’s Anatomy: Fired Up
• Grey’s Anatomy: First Responders
• Grey’s Anatomy: Station 19
• Grey’s Anatomy: Three Blocks Down
• Grey’s Anatomy: Up in Flames
• Grey’s Anatomy: Hearts on Fire
• Playing With Fire
• Running Hot
• Seattle Burning
• Seattle Flame
• Station 19

Now that you’ve perused your/our list of potential titles, from the sublime to the ridiculous, vote for your favorite in the poll below, then, if you’re so inspired, hit the comments with yet another alternative.