Sam Bee to Media: Trump Is 'Racist, Stop Acting Shocked' — WATCH

Samantha Bee on Wednesday had a message for the media in the wake of “national embarrassment” Donald Trump’s “s—thole countries” comment: “Stop acting shocked about it and start grappling with what it means.”

The Full Frontal host went down a “racist white rabbit hole” to remind viewers of the president’s seemingly bigoted behavior, from his desire to implement a Muslim ban, to his “on many sides” defense following the death of a Charlottesville protester at the hands of a white nationalist. She also made note of his offenses as a private citizen, reminding viewers how he called for former president Barack Obama’s birth certificate and involved himself in the case against the Central Park Five.

“Trump wasn’t just an ‘innocent birther.’ He’s a racist,” Bee declared. “This is breaking news, I guess, because I’ve said it so many times I’m broken.

“Donald Trump hates black and brown people, and he’s in charge of a lot of their lives,” she continued. “When he called Haiti and Honduras ‘s–thole countries,’ he killed an immigration bill intended to avoid government shutdown. The bipartisan bill he rejected in that meeting provides protections for Dreamers; it funds border security, which Trump claims to want; it ends the diversity lottery but uses those spots for people from the most vulnerable countries, such as Haiti and Honduras. It’s a compromise, but it would have helped a lot of people and Trump killed it — not because he thinks he has a better plan, or even because he wants more money for his stupid f–king wall. He rejected it because he wanted it to include fewer non-white ‘s–thole’ people. He said so. Hundreds of thousands of families will be torn about because the president thinks they’re ‘s–tholes.’ So yeah, whatever, Trump is racist. Let’s try to hold that in our heads for good this time.”

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