Samantha Bee Compares Trump to Gilmore Girl, Condemns Muslim Ban

Samantha Bee railed against Donald Trump‘s Muslim ban on Wednesday, but not before pointing out the president’s similarities to a certain Gilmore Girls character.

In a web exclusive Full Frontal segment posted ahead of broadcast, Bee compared Trump to Chilton overachiever Paris Geller when examining how he’s selected members of his cabinet.

“Remember on Gilmore Girls when Paris Geller staffed the school newspaper with her most loyal friends with no regard for talent level?” Bee asked. “It’s like that, [but] with the leader of the free world and nukes.

“More than experience, knowledge or the ability to do a credible paso doble,” she said, referring to Secretary of Energy nominee Rick Perry’s stint on Dancing With the Stars, “the one quality that has mattered for Trump’s hires is how quickly they can say yes to him… If you disagree with the tenets of Trumpism, there is no place for you in the federal government.”

Later, Bee took on Trump’s Muslim ban, referring to the legislative “hairball” as “immoral, embarrassing and inhuman,” and “the act of a giant p—y.”

“Immigrants are people who leave their country hoping for a better life. Refugees are people who flee their country hoping just to stay alive,” Bee clarified. “You want a Muslim ban. We know you do. So say it already, Mr. Straight Talker. Slap your meat on the table and face the legal consequences like a man. Don’t puss around by banning territories that just happen to be Muslim… own your pointless cruelty. That is why America voted for you — except for the majority of America that didn’t.”

Watch highlights from Full Frontal above and below, then tell us if you agree with Bee’s Gilmore Girls comparison and stance on Trump’s Muslim ban. 

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